Our Campus

NR Public School is co-educational institution and offer a pollution free and eco friendly environment located in lush green surroundings. It has well-ventilated classrooms, a hygienic and well equipped cafeteria, clean wash rooms and purified drinking water to provide congenial surroundings. The building is so designed that it provides spacious well lit classrooms, an administrative block.

Area Of School Campus

Sr. No. Description Area
1 In Acres 3.29
2 In Sq. Mtrs. 13335
3 Build Up Area (Sq. Mtrs.) 4321.6
4 Area of Play Ground (Sq. Mtrs.) 7460
5 Others facilities
(i)      Swimming Pool N.A.
(ii)     Indoor Games Yes
(iii)    Dance Rooms Yes
(iv)    Gymnasium N.A.
(v)     Music Rooms Yes
(vi)    Hostels N.A.
(vii)   Health & Medical Check up Yes

Our Class Rooms

Our classrooms offer the sanctuary for our pupils to cultivate beautiful human equations with each other, while being a vital part of the learning experience. The layout, design and decor of our classrooms is warm.

Teaching and learning activities take place smoothly. Teachers, while maintaining the appearance of control at all times allow children and opportunity to express their hearts. Students are given models of appropriate communication behaviour.


Researchers suggest that School Library programs and resources play a vital role in the development of information-literate students.

With the changed concept of education as a process of self-education, where the teacher’s role is largely to be of a guide and a facilitator, the role of library has assumed major importance.

Libraries are at the heart of NRPS. Library spaces are large, airy and colourful. We have dedicated librarians and creative library activities that focus on developing a love for books and reading.

The School tries its best to cater ‘A book for every reader and every book a reader’. Various magazines, journals & newspapers have been subscribed to inculcate the habit of reading not only for the students but also for the teachers & other staff members.

Library Details:

(i) Size of the library in sq. feet
(ii) No. of Periodicals
(iii) No. of Dailies
(iv) No. of Reference books class-wise
(v) No. of Magazine
(vi) others


The school maintains well planned, spacious and well equipped laboratories. These laboratories cater copiously to the students of junior, middle and senior school and aid in preparing the senior students for the board exams through experiments and projects carried out by them, under the supervision of qualified staff.

Physics Lab:

Physics is considered to be an open ended subject where theories are put to test in lab by doing experiments. The school has a spacious and ventilated Physics lab equipped with all the latest equipments to provide conceptual clarity to students.

Chemistry Lab:

Experimental work is an essential practical part of study of chemistry. Experiment is a tentative procedure for the purpose of discovering something unknown. Chemistry lab in the school is the best and equipped with the latest material required for the experiments.

Biology Lab:

Biology, being the science of living organisms, the best way is to study the subject through nature. The specimens of the related subject are brought to the lab where a comprehensive study is made and recorded. The lab is run in order to provide sufficient knowledge about the science of living organisms.

Computer Lab:

Computers are a way of life. The school provides computer education to all the students right from class I to class XII. The entire set up is managed by a set of qualified faculty which familiarizes students with every aspect of computers so as to keep them abreast with the latest technology.