Academic Calendar:2019-2020

1Friday, April 12, 2019Baisakhi Celebration
2Monday, April 22, 2019Fresher’s Party (PreNur. to K.G.)
Fancy Dress Comptetion (I-II)
Earth Day Celebration Art & Craft Competition (IIItoV) Poster Making Competition (VI to VIII)
Speech on ‘ Threats to Environment’ (IX-X11)
3Tuesday, May 07, 2019Mother’s Day Celebration Poem Creation in Eng. or Hindi On topic -‘ Mother’ (IX-MI) Poem Recitation competition (I-II)
4Tuesday, May 07, 2019Jayanti’s or Birthday’s Celebration of:- *RabindraNath Tagore *Buddha Jayanti *Lord Mahavira Jayanti Write a short paragraph along with picture in scrap book(choose any 1 personality from above) (III-V) Give a Speech on Life History or Bio-Sketch on the above personalities (VI-VIII) [Choose any one]
5Friday, July 12, 2019Green Day Celebration (PreNur. to KG.) Green Veggie (I-II) [Bring any green vegetable/Fruit in lunch, Write five lines about it in Eng. NB and Draw picture].
6Friday, July 26, 2019Plant Sapling (IIItoV) Art & Craft Exhibition (VI-VIII) (Making Paper Bags+Envelops+Best out of waste) Speech on – ‘Say No To Plastic’ -‘ How to Clean Indian River(DC-X) Computer Quiz (XI-XII)
7Wednesday, July 31, 2019P.T.M
8Tuesday, Aug 13, 2019Rakhi Making Comptetion (III-V)
9Thurusday, Aug 15, 2019Independence Day Celebration
10Friday, Aug 23, 2019Janmashtmi Celebration -Fancy Dress Competition based on Janmashtmi (Radha or Krishna) [Prep to II] +Cultural Programme
11Saturday, Aug 17, 2019Dahi – Handi Decoration Co II petition(VI-VIII)
12Friday, Aug 23, 2019Dahi – Handi Competition (IX-XII)
13Saturday, Aug 31, 2019P.T.M
14Friday, Sept 27, 2019Teacher’s Day Celebration Tableau Presentation(III-V) Mime Show (VI-VI II)Hindi Diwas Celebration Street Play (reerS mob) (X1-XID Hindi Extempore (IX-X)
15Monday, Sept 30, 2019P.T.M
16Tuesday, Oct 1 to Oct 5, 2019Cleanliness Campaign Week Cleanliness of School Bags (I-V) Cleanliness+Decoration of Classroom (VI-VIM * Best Student for School bag (Class-wise) and best class for decoration will be awarded*
17Saturday, Oct 19, 2019Folk Dance Competition (Theme-Festivals) House wise (IX-X) Rangoli+Bandhanvaar Competition House wise (XI-XII)
18Thursday, Oct 19, 2019P.T.M.
19Saturday, Nov 9, 2019Visit to Gurudwara (Pre Nur. to K.G.) Visit to Post Office (I-II)
20Thursday, Nov 14, 2019Sports Day
21Saturday, Nov 23, 2019Science Exhibition+S.Studies Exhibition (VI-X) Debate Competition (XI-XII)
22Saturday, Nov 30, 2019P.T.M.
23Saturday, Dec 21, 2019Decorative Items relevant to X-Mas Tree (PreNur-K.G.) Fancy Dress Competition (I-II) (Theme-Christmas) Visit to Church (HI-V) Cooking Without fire (VI-VIM 23 Saturday, Dec 28, 2019 Ad- Mad Show (IX-X) Carol Singing (XI-XII)
24Tuesday, Dec 31, 2019P.T.M.
25Saturday, Jan 18, 2020Slogan Writing Competition + Poster Making Competition [IX-XIIJ (Theme – Republic Day Celebration)
26Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020Basant Panchmi Celebration Yellow Day (Prep. to K.G.) Making of Face Mask & Crown (I-II) Maths Quiz (HI to V) Choir on Saraswati Vandana (VI-VIII)
27Friday, Jan 31, 2020P.T.M.